ADRO - PT. Adaro Energy Tbk

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JAKARTA - PT Adaro Energy Tbk (ADRO) distributed more of capital expenditure (Capex) to expand Adaro MetCoal Companies (AMC) coal mine in the first semester of 2019. Within this period, Capex  has been realised around US$ 245 million.

Lie Luckman, Chief Financial Officer of PT Adaro Energy Tbk (ADRO) stated that the company had been preparing infrastructure for AMC coal production. "We are in preparation of all infrastructure needed to produce coal at AMC, ie. mine readiness, all the camps we have to build-the location is inland; the construction of *hollow road *, road to transport coals; The third is to prepare the processing plan of coals- coals must be processed, must be cleaned (cleaning coals), etc," he said.

According to him, the company has also built the coal processing plant, which is expected to have a capacity of 3 million tons. The company allocates US$ 200 million of Capex for AMC by the end of 2019. (LK/W)